DRRIF Working Group documents

The DRRIF Working Group has been set up to enhance and accelerate the implementation of the goals set in the EUSDR Action Plan and PA7 Roadmap;


It aims at “better coordinating national, regional and EU funds to stimulate excellence in research and development, in research areas specific for the Danube Region”. The abbreviation DRRIF in this context stands for “Danube Region Research and Innovation Fund” and it will be the assignment of the Working Group and a related feasibility study to investigate the DRRIF as one of the potential co-operation scenarios for the future.


Therefore the main tasks identified for the group are:


To follow-up the implementation and results of the DRRIF feasibility study and other PA7 relevant projects;

To prepare concrete steps for further co-operation based on the results of the project, studies and in line with the national/regional R&I priorities.

So four meetings have been held, one in November 2013, one in September 2014, one in March 2015 and one in September 2015 (see documents below).




1st_Meeting_Minutes_of_the_PA_7_DRRIF_Working_Group (88.21Kb)

3rd Meeting of the DDRIF Working Group.zip (471.64Kb)

DRRIF Feasibility Study FINAL.pdf (3.54Mb)

4th Meeting Draft Agenda DanubaINCONET.pdf (31.67Kb)

4th Meeting Horizon 2020 Screening.pptx (310.28Kb)

4th Meeting Widening Participation.pptx (3.23Mb)

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