Priority Area 7 “Knowledge Society is coordinated by Slovakia and Serbia, with the involvement of a wide network of key players.

On our website, you can find more information about main activities, projects, and actions in the field of knowledge society in the Danube Region, the latest news and upcoming events, and cooperation possibilities.

Priority Area 7 supports the development of the knowledge society in the Danube Region via education, research and ICT elements. It represents a horizontal cross-cutting priority area, as higher education, research, and innovation are not only highly relevant issues per se, but they also form an integral and essential part of other priorities; from energy, water, and environment, to culture and security.

According to the revised EUSDR Action Plan (adopted as official Commission Staff Working Document SWD(2020)59 on 6 April 2020) the main actions of the Priority Area 7 are stated as follows:

  • To promote coordination of national, regional, and EU funds to stimulate excellence in R&D&I, in research areas specific for Danube Region
  • To promote the participation of Danube countries in EU R&I Programmes, in particular in Horizon Europe
  • To strengthen cooperation among universities, research organizations and SMEs in the Danube Region
  • To increase awareness and visibility of science and innovation in the Danube Region
  • To support the exchange of information and experience for the preparation of future strategic R&I documents applicable in the new programming period
  • To promote horizontal cooperation in S&T across all PAs and other MRSs