WG HEM contribution to the EUSDR Action Plan

Action Contribution to implementing targeted activities Working Group and ideas and concrete steps to take

ACTION 3: To strengthen cooperation among universities, research organisations and SMEs in the Danube Region

Targeted activities: Use European networking schemes such as COST and TWINNING as platforms for creating better connectivity between Danube research institutions. Encouraging research and academia in participating in transnational clusters. Making use of the European University Business Cooperation Framework.

1. definition of priorities

2. development of resilience in pandemic and/or other emergencies

3. collection of relevant data

4. utilisation of existing networking and funding possibilities

5. cooperation with European university alliances


1. interaction with academic institutions

2. exchange of best practices in Danube region

3. harvesting of previously defined data

4. screening of possible opportunities

5. capacity building of HE institutions together with  EU university alliances


ACTION 4: To increase awareness and visibility of science and innovation in the Danube Region

Targeted activities: Support projects that aim at making the Danube Region more attractive for especially young and female researchers, supporting brain circulation and preventing brain drain.

1.      promotion of student-led innovation

2.      capacity building  for EU funding application

3.      promotion of female entrepreneurship

4.      promote university-business exchange


N.B. HE cannot prevent  brain drain. HE can support governments in slowing down brain drain.

1.      capacity building and assisting in organisation of events and competitions

2.      organisation of workshops and panels regarding preparation of project proposals

3.      capacity building for female entrepreneurship

4.      organise university-business panels to improve mutual understanding