WG 4: Better performance of the Danube Region researchers in the European Research Area (i.e. WG ERA)


Contribution of WG ERA to the EUSDR Action Plan


Contribution to PA 7 actions Contribution to implement targeted activities Working Group and ideas and concrete steps to take
1: To promote coordination of national, regional and EU funds to stimulate excellence in R&I, in research areas specific for Danube Region ·        Support R&I reforms and investments on the national, regional and EU level

-submit a Policy Support Facility  project  proposal into Horizon Europe  to support the  implementation of  R&I reforms  in the Danube countries as well as the acceleration of   macroregional  cooperation in  R&I

-create a discussion forum for experience exchange, good practice sharing the R&I activities


2: To promote participation of Danube countries in EU R&I Programmes, in particular in Horizon Europe

· To monitor the participation of Danube countries in EU R&I Programmes, trainings supporting researchers in project development

· Support applications in the framework of Horizon’s “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation” to research institutions in less performing countries.

–  organizing 2 surveys regarding H2020 participation  – according to the surveys´ results identification of the needs of stakeholders and organize  events  like:

– Informative workshop on Horizon Europe and its particular work programmes

– Workshop on project proposal preparation

-Networking events supporting project preparation and participation in joint partnership initiatives (such as BIOEAST)


Possible:  Preparation of the strategy for enhancing DR participation in ERA

4: To increase awareness and visibility of science and innovation in the Danube Region

· Increase the visibility and relevance of R&I for society in the design, implementation and knowledge exchange of R&I initiatives

· Support projects that aim at making the Danube Region more attractive for especially young and female researchers, supporting brain circulation and preventing brain drain.

· Promote Danube region as a smart region

-make science more attractive especially for young people, by organizing online discussions (on FB /youtube)  with interesting and famous scientists from the Danube countries  partly in a popular form  with citizens involvement

– organize a discussion aimed on disinformation and hoaxes regarding science (explain how science work, invite experts on strategic communication, show how mistrust of people is complicating the scientific research,…)

.- find (think about) new engaging forms of science communication