WG 2: Danube Funding Coordination Network


On May 30, 2016, representatives of Danube countries met in Berlin, Germany to decide on the establishment of a Danube Funding Coordination Network (DFCN). This activity is embedded in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), based on the work and achievements of the Working Group on the coordination of funding mechanisms in the Danube Region (“DRIFF Working Group”), outcomes and recommendations of the feasibility study on Danube Region Research and Innovation Fund and on activities of the FP7 funded Dan-ube-INCO.NET project.


The mission of the Danube Funding Coordination Network (DFCN) is to support joint Science & Technology & Innovation (STI) activities in the Danube Region.  Its primary objective is to coordinate and synchronise national, bilateral and regional efforts in the Danube Region in order to foster multilateral collaboration in Research and Innovation. This should lead to the im-plementation of concrete joint funding actions for STI activities. Secondly, the aim of the network is to stimulate cooperation possibilities with running and forthcoming initiatives. To this end, existing and po-tential new instruments are used and/or consortia are enlarged by integrating partners from the Danube countries.  To achieve these objectives, the DFCN constitutes a multinational network for STI stakeholders from the Danube countries to regularly exchange information on and discuss about ongoing and planned initiatives.  The multilateral nature of the network is of added-value for the transnational cooperation in the Danube Region and provides its members with opportunities for enhanced collaboration and with information on running programmes at national, regional or European level.


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