WG 3: Communication with Joint Research Centre with special emphasis on RIS3 (i.e. WG RIS3) 

Contribution of WG RIS3 to the EUSDR Action Plam

Action Contribution to implement targeted activities Working Group and ideas and concrete steps to take

ACTION 5: To support exchange of information and experience sharing for the purpose of preparation of future strategic R&I documents applicable in the new programming period

Targeted activities: To further promote, implement and make use of the smart specialisation strategies in the whole Danube Region. To continue close cooperation with national and EU institutions in charge (in particular with the JRC).


·   To ensure the exchange of data and experiences in development and implementation of RIS3 in different countries in  the Danube region

·   To identify the common priorities and create the regional value chain

·   To provide the continuation of successful cooperation with the Joint Research Center (JRC) of European Commission (EC)

·    To explore the possibilities to join thematic smart specialisation platforms and to support interregional cooperation in the context of smart specialisation areas related to agri-food, energy and industrial modernisation.

·   Data collection on RIS3 in Danube Region and on best practices

·   Study on policy recommendation on RIS3 implementation, evaluation, and monitoring in the Danube Region.

·   Screening and identification of the common priorities in different countries/regions of the Danube region

·   Organization of the meetings with JRC on regular bases

·   Screening the possibilities and funds for interregional cooperation in the Danube region and for joining to JRC thematic platforms

ACTION 6: To promote horizontal cooperation in science and technology across all PAs and other MRS

Targeted activities: To implement common activities like joint Steering Group meetings, joint support for project proposals, workshops etc.; providing and building on scientific evidence, publications etc. especially where these refer to the Danube Region (e.g. JRC reports).

·   To explore the possibilities with EC/JRC and DTP to manage the support to the common S3 priorities

·   To organize the S3/TT workshops together with JRC

·   To continue with providing and further building the evidence of S3 development in different regions by JRC S3 Platform

·   Organization of the meetings with JRC and DTP to discuss the possibilities to design the support for the implementation of the common S3 priorities at regional level.

·   Organisation of thematic RIS3/TT workshops

·   Regular updating of the JRC S3 platform by continuous providing of data related to RIS3 in different countries  of the Danube region to JRC